Thursday, October 15, 2009


Its not my fault if my boss plays favorites right?

So this last monday was columbus day and the banks weren't open and the post office wasn't running which means a slow day of work. So friday my boss calls me and tells me that I get monday off paid. But not everyone gets the day like Lindsay my coworker. She finds out that she still has to come in and shes pissed. She wants me to stand up for her and say I won't take the day unless she gets the day. I don't want to be in the middle of the confrontation. I didn't ask for the day off he just gave it to me. So I told her that and she told me shell remember that next time I need her to stand up for me.

Now I'm pretty sure shes mad at me but it's not my fault. I don't want to have an uncomfortable work environment. It's not my favorite place as it is but they pay me good so I keep coming back.

I never know what to title these things

Well its already the middle of October hard to believe right? Which also means its only 5 days away from our 4 year anniversary. Crazy I know. It seems like forever. We were going to go to Dillons beach for the weekend but Chris decided he'd rather save the money for our cruise. Hopefully he realises I still got him a gift. He hasn't told me not to but that hasn't stopped me before. I was going to get him a new cell phone but that is crazy expensive. Hes picky and only likes one brand and wants it to have all of the features. Instead I got him a guitar. Hes been talking about how he wants to learn. I don 't think hes even thought of anything for me. Hes always so busy with everything else. If he does ask I'll go with my default answer which is a Coach Purse because I would never tell him what I really want I want him to think of that on his own. ;)
So since were not going to Dillons beach I thought about maybe going to San Francisco for the day because we have never done that. But well see. I just thought of another thing to blog about.. Awesome I'm going to start a new one...

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So that time I blogged I was about to go to a Wyotech Graduation. Well that was fun the boys started drinking at 11am and didn't stop until 10pm when they passed out. And us girls (Me, Linda & Jessie) were even close to caught up so we continued to drink, tequila 14 shots each to be exact, until about midnight when Linda got sick. And needless to say I was very hungover the next day. Didn't get out of end until 2:30 in the afternoon.

Saturday evening we headed out to Reno with Chris' brother William. The Reno Air Races were going on all weekend, but Sunday is the main event. So we get to Reno about 9pm and their cousins Cody & Wyatt are at the Grand Sierra Hotel so we meet them there. They only see there cousins once a year when we come out for the Reno Air Races. When we arrive Cody is already drunk and wants us to start drinking right away. I politely decline as I am still recovering from the night before, which makes me the DD. Chris and William start out with a few adult beverages, before Cody convinces them to do a double shot of patron. They follow up the patron with another adult beverage. Meantime Chris' face is now very blotchy red which is freaking me out. William thinks maybe hes allergic to the agave in the tequila. Doesn't seem to phase Chris he feels great. Him and William continue to drink Coors Light 2 at a time for the rest of the night. I have to play baby sitter to the Witzels boys and make sure they don't get themselve into a fight over a girl that William danced with. Finally I got them to leave about 1:30am.

When we return to Cody's house Chris is very lovey. Proceeding to tell me how beautiful I am and how I'm perfect. I decided to take advantage of his drunkeness and ask him if hes going to marry me, which he replies with soon enough. And proceeds to go on saying how we will be able to call he his wife and I told him I liked the idea. I don't know if it counts cause he was drunk but it was sure nice to hear. Now I'm back to the waiting game wondering when or if he'll propose anytime soon.

Friday, September 18, 2009


So I'm suppose to write in this thing more often but I forget... So what has happened in the past few weeks? Chris got sick.. Went to Dillons Beach very relaxing.. I got sick no fun.. Been busy with people wanting me to do their hair. Can't wait until I have my studio it will make everything so much easier..

This weekend are the Reno Air Races. Were going up on either Saturday night (my vote) or early Sunday morning..

Today is Wyotech's graduation Chris' second one. Should be fun. Suppose to go to his coworkers after for a party..

I'm leaving work in 30 minutes CAN'T WAIT!! So thats pretty much it for now. I need to work on this whole blogging thing..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My 1st Blog

Not really sure I have enough going on to even have a blog.. but what the heck. So today I'm at work.. soo bored! Hence, the blog...

So this weekend is Labor day. Were going to Dillon's Beach with Chris' parents. Will be nice and relaxing. I like going there very relaxing a lot like camping but not as much work. I will have gone there once a month by October. August I went for a girls weekend, this weekend labor day, and were going to go for our anniversary (10/20) again this year.

I like three way weekends that means less time I'm at work.... I wish every weekend was a three day weekend. I don't know why this place gets to me so much. I think it's the people. They all annoy me. No one can do anything for themselves. Sometimes it bothers me more than others. Oh Well it's a paycheck!!!