Thursday, September 24, 2009


So that time I blogged I was about to go to a Wyotech Graduation. Well that was fun the boys started drinking at 11am and didn't stop until 10pm when they passed out. And us girls (Me, Linda & Jessie) were even close to caught up so we continued to drink, tequila 14 shots each to be exact, until about midnight when Linda got sick. And needless to say I was very hungover the next day. Didn't get out of end until 2:30 in the afternoon.

Saturday evening we headed out to Reno with Chris' brother William. The Reno Air Races were going on all weekend, but Sunday is the main event. So we get to Reno about 9pm and their cousins Cody & Wyatt are at the Grand Sierra Hotel so we meet them there. They only see there cousins once a year when we come out for the Reno Air Races. When we arrive Cody is already drunk and wants us to start drinking right away. I politely decline as I am still recovering from the night before, which makes me the DD. Chris and William start out with a few adult beverages, before Cody convinces them to do a double shot of patron. They follow up the patron with another adult beverage. Meantime Chris' face is now very blotchy red which is freaking me out. William thinks maybe hes allergic to the agave in the tequila. Doesn't seem to phase Chris he feels great. Him and William continue to drink Coors Light 2 at a time for the rest of the night. I have to play baby sitter to the Witzels boys and make sure they don't get themselve into a fight over a girl that William danced with. Finally I got them to leave about 1:30am.

When we return to Cody's house Chris is very lovey. Proceeding to tell me how beautiful I am and how I'm perfect. I decided to take advantage of his drunkeness and ask him if hes going to marry me, which he replies with soon enough. And proceeds to go on saying how we will be able to call he his wife and I told him I liked the idea. I don't know if it counts cause he was drunk but it was sure nice to hear. Now I'm back to the waiting game wondering when or if he'll propose anytime soon.

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  1. LOL!

    That is an awsome end to a weekend. :D

    You make me giggle.