Friday, September 18, 2009


So I'm suppose to write in this thing more often but I forget... So what has happened in the past few weeks? Chris got sick.. Went to Dillons Beach very relaxing.. I got sick no fun.. Been busy with people wanting me to do their hair. Can't wait until I have my studio it will make everything so much easier..

This weekend are the Reno Air Races. Were going up on either Saturday night (my vote) or early Sunday morning..

Today is Wyotech's graduation Chris' second one. Should be fun. Suppose to go to his coworkers after for a party..

I'm leaving work in 30 minutes CAN'T WAIT!! So thats pretty much it for now. I need to work on this whole blogging thing..

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  1. You got sick? boooooo. Greg told me that Chris was feeling sick, but he thought it was food poisoning.

    Have fun this weekend! :D