Thursday, October 15, 2009

I never know what to title these things

Well its already the middle of October hard to believe right? Which also means its only 5 days away from our 4 year anniversary. Crazy I know. It seems like forever. We were going to go to Dillons beach for the weekend but Chris decided he'd rather save the money for our cruise. Hopefully he realises I still got him a gift. He hasn't told me not to but that hasn't stopped me before. I was going to get him a new cell phone but that is crazy expensive. Hes picky and only likes one brand and wants it to have all of the features. Instead I got him a guitar. Hes been talking about how he wants to learn. I don 't think hes even thought of anything for me. Hes always so busy with everything else. If he does ask I'll go with my default answer which is a Coach Purse because I would never tell him what I really want I want him to think of that on his own. ;)
So since were not going to Dillons beach I thought about maybe going to San Francisco for the day because we have never done that. But well see. I just thought of another thing to blog about.. Awesome I'm going to start a new one...